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May 22 2013 4 22 /05 /May /2013 13:45

IPhone 5 has been listed in the market for 8 months and during this period many accessories have emerged which can enhance the user experience and make the phone more useful and easier to use. Now let’s have a look at them.


1. Fuel

It is the smallest charger for smartphone in the world which use microcells technology to enable the battery life to be extended 20 to 30 minutes. By the way, it costs 24.99 dollars.

十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


2. Lightning data line

Lightning data line of Ventev is able to access to any connector of Apple devices. The reason why it is thought brilliant is this kind of data line won’t entangle itself. In addition, it offers a variety of color, which makes it easy to distinguish. It costs 25 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


3. Matrix Audio Qube

Matrix Audio Qube is one of the small size speakers with loudest voice. Its aluminum frame perfectly matches the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, it is very durable. It costs you 49.99 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


4. Lapka environmental sensors

Lapka environmental sensors, combined with iPhone 5, allow you to measure, collect and analysis the implied quality of the item around you. For example, you can take one of these sensors to test the degree of organic of an apple. Well, it costs more expensive than the above items, 200 dollars around.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


5. iOsoft Video Converter

iOsoft Video Converter is able to convert among almost all kinds of common video formats, even the latest XAVC format developed by Sony.



Since iPhone 5 cannot playback a large scale of video format, the app can make up for this. You can convert XAVC to MP4 which is best supported by iPhone 5 with the app. And before you import converted XAVC videos to iPhone 5, you can also use the app to help edit XAVC in iMovie after proper conversion. Or if you use Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker as your editing software, you don’t have to worry about too much because the app can also convert XAVC to Sony Vegas or transform XAVC to Windows Movie Maker thanks to its ability to convert XAVC to many popular video formats. It costs only 35 dollars that you can enjoy large scale of videos in various formats on iPhone 5.


6. Spigen Slim Armor phone sets

Most of the time the iPhone set can only give you ponderous feeling or it is just unable to protect your mobile phone. But Spigen Slim Armor phone sets are so impressive. This kind of phone sets feels little weight but it can provide amazing protection for your iPhone. It costs 24.99 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件

7. Vamp

Vamp is an UK project supported by Kickstarter. It is able to turn your old speakers into wireless speaker for iPhone, making it a new lease on life. And it costs around 70 dollars.

十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


8. Mophie charging sets

Have you suffered the dilemma that you ran out of battery power but cannot find somewhere to charge? If you had, you’d better buy the Mophoie charging sets. Both Juicepack Air and Helium charging sets can extend the phone’s battery life to a few hours. Helium is a little bit cheaper than Juicepack. Helium: 79.95 dollars; Juicepack: 99.95 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


9. Tylt charger

Tylt’s ribbon pattern car charger can charge for two devices at the same time without knotting. In addition, the product looks so cool with various colors for options with the price 29.99 dollars for each.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


Above are some helpful accessories for iPhone 5. Which one would you like? All of them? Watch out your wallet!


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May 21 2013 3 21 /05 /May /2013 05:43

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been rumored for a while. And now, a few leaked photos of the photo sample of the phone are revealed by the Poland website Smartfan. According to the EXIF information shown on the photo sample, the phone model of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is GT-N7200 while the hardware version number is N7200XXUAMEB. In addition, according to the resolution of the sample photo, you can see then a 13 million megapixel camera will be built in with the lens stop f/2.2.



Because the model of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is GT-N7100, if the EXIF information shown on the sample photos is not fake, then the leaked GT-N7200 is probably the future Samsung Galaxy Note 3. At the same time, the configuration on camera is also consistent with the previous rumors that the phone would adopt the same camera as that of Samsung Galaxy S4.




As for the release time of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Korea Times gave the exclusive news that Samsung has confirmed Galaxy Note 3 will be released at the IFA2013 conference on September this year. Meanwhile, the flagship will be equipped with 5.9 inches OLED touch screen. According to the previous leaked news, the resolution of Galaxy Note 3 will reach FHD full HD level, and it will use diamond pixel structure to ensure the more elaborate display effect.


Samsung GALAXY Note3 also may come with Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.3 system, and carry the new TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 operating connector. It is also rumored that it will own the largest 3GB RAM of memory with the built-in Exynos 5 Octa 8 core processor.


It is worth mentioning that the Samsung GALAXY Note3 won’t adopt the rumored metal shell. Instead, it will continue to adopt the design style of Galaxy S3. Furthermore, according to the insiders, the design of Note 3 will be similar to the Galaxy S4. This means plastic body will be used to Galaxy Note series again. From previously leaked news the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has three prototypes, the first appearance is almost the same as the GALAXY S4, the second is using the brand new design model, and the third adopts the flexible touch screen. Obviously, Samsung seems to have adopted the first solution. So as a whole, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is really a larger version of the Samsung GALAXY S4.


If that is the case, the Galaxy Note 3 cannot play M2T camcorder videos as Galaxy S4 does, which means we have to use converting tool to convert M2T  files to MP4 which is favorable to the phone first. By the way, to make this easier, AVCHD can help a lot. It is professional to convert M2T or AVCHD to many common video formats, such as converting M2T to AVI , to MOV etc. If you own GoPro HD files, the app can also help to import GoPro HD to Final Cut Pro for further editing for further use.


Anyway, everybody just be patient to wait for the release of Galaxy Note 3. There is more or less surprise for you.

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May 20 2013 2 20 /05 /May /2013 10:05

In the wide variety of smartphones on the market, who is really worth having, probably everyone will have different answers. If it is still hard for you to make a decision among a few smart phones, you might as well read ahead to find the top 4 smartphones and maybe it will give you some useful advice.


Top 4: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The biggest characteristic of the phone is the 5.5 inch HD touch screen, no matter to browse the web or to watch the video, it can bring you unusual visual experience. And the excellent handwriting function is its main advantage. It features on the conductive rubber nib designed for the capacitive screen, which can authentic imitate the use of the pen and paper in reality.


五月全美10大智能手机排名 三星S4仅列第三


The Galaxy Note 2 carries Android4.1 system, and a built-in 1.6 GHz Orion Exynos4412 quad-core processors, with 2 GB of RAM capacity that can bring smoother operation experience, it provides three versions of capacity for your options-16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, and it supports the storage card extension. Furthermore, it is built in a -megapixel camera and equipped with battery capacity of 3100 mAh.


Top 3: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 not only has a high popularity and awareness, but also to create the record sales of Samsung’s flagship with the breakthrough four million within five days of sales. This phone carries a 4.99 -inch FHD full HD Super AMOLED HD touch screen and TouchWiz Nature UI user interface with more sophisticated visualization and unusual "glare" unlock effect. Samsung GALAXY S4 also brings Exynos 5410 eight core processor with breakthrough. It integrates PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU which leads to smoother control experience.



Many humanized functions such as eye tracking, s eye scrolling, intelligent recognition, and intelligent suspension and so on are added to the phone. for example, when you are using the function eye scrolling, the phone will automatically maintain the brightness of the screen; when users are browsing websites or checking emails, it is able to scroll up and down on its own.


Top 2: iPhone 5

Although Apple's iPhone 5 did not lead to huge changes from the inside to outside, it is still welcomed by millions of consumers, especially in the fourth quarter of last year, it was the winner of the sales.


IPhone 5 is not only 20% lighter but also decrease its thickness to 7.6mm with function improved. At the same time, it also adopted the 4 inch retina touch screen, supported 1136 x 640 pixel resolution and 16:9 display mode. The color saturation and pixel density both got comprehensive upgrade. Either playing games, reading text, or watching images, it provides extremely vivid pictures.




Warm tips for you here. Of course iPhone 5 allows you to have better visual experience with the amazing screen. But it is well known that Apple’s products have limited format compatibility. So, if you want to import M2T camcorder format to the phone for playback, you have to convert .M2T to .MP4 format first. To achieve this easily, you can turn to the AVCHD Converter which can convert M2T as well as AVCHD, MXF camcorder formats to other common video formats, such as M2T to MOV, to AVI etc. In addition, it supports edit M2T in FCP or iMovie etc after conversion. You might as well have a try on it.


Top 1: HTC One

HTC One is so attractive from inside to outside, which makes the phone has been of high popularity and attention. The phone is used aluminum body design, loading 4.7 inches full HD SLCD3 touch screen, and provides the industry's highest pixel density 468 ppi, bring incomparable display effect.


HTC One also has a built-in 1.7 GHz qualcomm 600 quad-core processors and provides 2 GB of RAM memory and 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB 3 kinds of storage capacity. It carries Android4.2 system and new HTC Sense 5 interface. Its characteristic is to add a news station similar to Flipboard's, and each story will automatically grab images.




Another big characteristic of HTC One is it adopted 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera whose characteristic is to use a large size of sensor and reduce the number in order to expand the area of sing pixel and then to improve performance under low light.

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May 17 2013 6 17 /05 /May /2013 06:41

Samsung has released its another favorite work recently. Apparently, it is a product designed to compete with Apple iPad mini. And Samsung official has produced a series of advertising posters for Note 8.0. In those posters, there are comparisons between Note 8.0 and a mini tablet named A Pad mini, well, everyone is smart enough to know it is talking about Note 8.0 and iPad mini.



Obviously, those posters are telling people the reason why choose Note 8.0 not iPad mini. From those posters, we can see there are at least 6 reasons why choose Note 8.0.


First of all, Galaxy 8.0 has multi windows which allows users separate the screen into 2 parts so that users can take down notes directly on the tablet while checking emails or chat with others while surf the internet without switching apps. However, iPad mini cannot support this function.


Secondly, it is a problem about software. Samsung has added a new mode to Galaxy Note 8.0, called the Reading Model. Users can swiftly open and close the Reading Model through the shortcut bar. Automatically, the display color and tonal of E-book app can be optimized. Well, iPad mini doesn’t provide this function either.


Thirdly, Galaxy Note 8.0 is equipped with an S pen which is made on a size that is easy to hold. With the S pen, when users are reading on the Reading Mode, they can turn the page more easily, which makes the reading more enjoyable. The S Pen is no ordinary tool. Use it to tap the hard keys for an even more extensive navigation than before. iPad mini still cannot offer this.


Fourthly, Galaxy Note 8.0 features on an 8 inches display of 1280*800 189 ppi resolution. And iPad mini has adopted a 7.9 inches display with resolution of 1024*768 163ppi. Apparently, it gives better visual experience when watching videos on Note 8.0. However, speaking of watching videos, both tablet cannot support a variety of video formats. So, if you happen to have a camcorder and records in M2T or AVCHD formats, you need to convert them first before you playback on the Note 8.0 or iPad mini. You can consider converting M2T to MP4 well supported by them using the AVCHD Converter which is an all-in-one program able to convert .M2T to .MOV, AVI, etc common video formats like that. And it supports you to import M2T to FCP as well as iMovie for further editing.


Fifthly, Galaxy Note 8.0 has 2GB of memory and supports memory card extension with 1.6 GHz quad core A9 processor when iPad mini just has 512 MB of memory with A5 double core processor. It seems Note 8.0 is more powerful at performance.


Last but not least, Samsung has done better at overall hardware with better standards than iPad mini.


Samsung has openly challenged iPad mini by this way, will Aplle take some measures to fight back? Let’s wait and see.


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May 16 2013 5 16 /05 /May /2013 09:44

Canon has been doing a good job on field of video and broadcast. And its ordinary civil products are of great variety. Canon XA10 is one of the civil level DV products. It is a good choice for those filming amateur who pay attention on shooting performance as well as price.


On the configuration, the Canon XA10 is equipped with high-performance hardware fit out, which is completely different from ordinary civil DV. Using the latest optimized 1/3 inches megapixel CMOS sensor, carrying the red circle HD camera, XA10 can shoot high stream HD video of 1920 x1080 resolutions.


Customers are allowed to record as much as 24 hours of clear higher definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or to two SDXC-compatible memory slots by the professional XA10. It is able to automatically switch video recording from the internal drive for the SD memory cards if the memory becomes full with Relay Recording. If you need to view your recorded footage at the moment, you can just easily insert the card into your computer or HD TV’s card reader. And it is because video can be copied from the XA10’s internal drive to removable SD memory cards that it will make your viewing much easier than you expect.


By the way, the professional XA10 records videos in AVCHD format which is probably difficult for some portable devices or editing software for further playback or editing. If you are a filming amateur, you must have many saved films on your XA10 and as a film amateur, you must carefully deal with your work. So, here is the problem, how can you edit XA10 AVCHD videos on FCP 7/6?


Well, firstly, you can pay for updating your old version of FCP to FCP X which can support AVCHD, but there is another cheaper way-to transcode Canon XA10 AVCHD to FCP compatible ProRes MOV format first with AVCHD Converter. This tool is able to convert not only AVCHD to FCP, but also convert M2T to FCP. in fact it is a all-in-one tool that supports convert AVCHD M2T to MP4 which accepted by Apple devices, and other formats like MOV, AVI etc. So, if you have camcorders records in AVCHD or M2T codec, you might as well own the AVHCD converter for further use. You probably need it.


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May 15 2013 4 15 /05 /May /2013 08:47

Sony has released the newest waterproof and dust-resistant handset-Sony Xperia ZR. This is not the first waterproof and dust-resistant handset of Sony, even not the first one for this year. Early this year, Sony launched its first quad-core five inches 1080p flagship model-Sony Xperia Z and ZL. Xperia Z is also a waterproof and dustproof phone. So, what’s the difference between Xperia Z and ZR?



SONY Xperia ZR has reached the level of waterproof of IP55 and IP58, which ensures that this phone is able to run normally after soak for 30 minutes in 1.5 meters deep under water. And SONY Xperia Z waterproof level is IPX5/7. This level is inferior to that of the SONY Xpeira ZR. Xperia ZR has no problem when shooting or taking photos under water. It is reported that Xperia Z cannot do this. But when it is released, there were many videos shot by the phone under water. Perhaps the difference between them is more reflected in the depth of the water.



SONY Xperia Z design is a major bright spot, flat body, glass design, its size is just right for the single hand operation. And Xperia ZR is obviously smaller. Xperia Z’s body is of 139 * 71 * 7.9 mm, while the SONY Xperia ZR is of 131 * 67.4 * 10.4 mm. Xperia ZR is thicker. Display Display can be the most different between the two phones. Xperia ZR eatures on 4.55-inch 720p screen while Xperia Z has a 5-inch 1080p screen. The difference of the display has decided the difference of body size.


Front-facing camera

SONY Xperia Z’s front-facing camera is up to 2 million pixels, but SONY Xperia ZR only 300000 pixels, from the point of view of self-time, apparently SONY Xperia Z is more suitable for self-time and video calls.


It seems the most difference between them is on the display, which leads to the size of the body. Anyway, when they have some difference on waterproof, appearance, display and front-facing camera, they have something in common, one is, both of them cannot play XAVC video format. If you have Sony PW-F55 camcorder and want to playback XAVC videos recorded by it on your Sony Xperia ZR or Z, you should meet big trouble. Well, warm tips for you. To realize this, you can use XAVC Video Converter to convert XAVC to Xperia Z or ZR supported format. By the way, the application supports import XAVC to Sony Vegas or FCP or iMovie for further editing because it is able to convert XAVC to many common video formats, for example, convert XAVC to WMV, XAVC to MP4 etc. Therefore, you can easily edit XAVC in FCP or put XAVC to Sony Vegas. If it happens that you are Sony big fans and own the F55 camcorder which shoots in XAVC format, you’d better own the tool. it will bring you a lot of convenience.

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May 14 2013 3 14 /05 /May /2013 10:03

It was rumored that Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be released at the end of May. Now, the date is closer and closer and therefore, all kinds of disclosure have come out. Recently, some netizens have revealed the latest photos of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Furthermore, they revealed more details about the new handset for us.


According to our source, the body material of Samsung GALAXY S4 mini will be consistent with the GALAXY S4, and it will have a 2 mm's super narrow bezel as well as thickness around 8 mm, but to our confusion, the SIM card slot and the memory card slot is designed inside the battery warehouse, which means to replace memory card or cell phone card will be less convenient.


According to leaked the news earlier, the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini will be equipped with 4.3 inches Super AMOLED touch screen and only supports a resolution of qHD (960 x 540 pixels), and the screen pixel density will drop from 441 ppi to 256 ppi. However, for users who can't grasp the 5.0 -inch touch screen, the 4.3-inch Samsung GALAXY S4 mini should allow the users to have better control performance with single hand.


According to the latest news, including Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom, waterproof version of the GALAXY S4 Active and GALAXY S4 mini, these three new handsets will all be early released at the end of this month, but it is unclear what the specific date is.


But one thing we can sure about the S4 mini is that it cannot playback AVCHD files. So, if you have some camcorder AVCHD videos for further playback on the phone, you should convert AVCDH to Samsung Galaxy S4 MP4 format first. By the way, to accomplish this job smoothly, the AVCHD Converter can help you a lot. It is not only good at convert AVCHD to MP4 format, but also specialized in converting M2T to AVI, M2t to MKV, M2T to FLV, .M2T to .MOV, etc. In addition, if you want to edit AVCHD or M2T files on FCP, it can easily convert AVCHD or M2T to FCP formats. If you are buying the S4 or S4 mini, you can get the tool for convenience.

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May 13 2013 2 13 /05 /May /2013 08:45

Do you love diving? Some people love diving because they think they can totally relax themselves deep in the ocean. And some think it is wonderful experience to dive deep in the ocean to see the wonderful world deep in the ocean. It would surprise us human beings with the marine organism. If you plan to dive this summer holiday, you should take the Sony GW66 with you to record the amazing world you see in the ocean. The latest Sony GW66 camcorder is a waterproof camcorder so you don’t have to worry about the safety of it under the water at all.


This new waterproof camcorder can shoot with water depth of 10 meters, whose supported submerged depth has increased nearly twice as much as that of the GW55 in 2012. GW66 can record 1080p/50 frames AVHCD 2.0 films with the static pixel up to 20.4 million pixels. When it comes to the technical specifications, it carries 1/3.91 Exmor R CMOS light-sensitive chips, 29.8 mm wide-angle G lens. It achieves 10 x optical zoom and equipped with 10 x optical image stabilization function. At the same time, it can record an MP4 format file which is more suitable to be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. compared with AVCHD. Speaking of its body, it is able to resist - 10 ° C (14 ° F) coldness with a shockproof design, so, even if it accidentally falls, the camera will not be affected.


If you are interested in this camcorder and plan to take it to your diving trip, you have to know something about your recording video post production. If your recordings are in AVCHD formats and you want to edit AVCHD files on editing software like FCP, you have to convert AVCHD to FCP supported formats first. And to help you make this easier, you might as well try the iOgsoft AVHCD Converter which is professional at this job. More warm tips for you. This AVCHD Converter can also convert M2T files to other common video formats, such as M2T to MOV. So, if you have some M2T files and want to edit M2T in FCP too, you can also rely on this program.


Well, GW66 is about to come out in June this year with the selling price 480 euros which is 70 eruos less than that of GW55 when it came out. Therefore, it may attract a lot of attention with this price.


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May 10 2013 6 10 /05 /May /2013 08:42

You may have a video camcorder, or a digital camera, or an iPhone. Maybe you have them all. This means you probably have taken a lot of wonderful videos. iMovie will collect and manage them for you so that you can browse them easily and watch them happily. You just need to access devices, open iMovie, and then began to import video. It will show in the event database, you will find all the recordings there. Like photos in iPhoto, the videos are also managed according to event management. With the growing collection, you can mark your clip as “Love” or “Rejected” and add preset or customized-keywords tags, and you can also filter videos to find the best segments or hide the boring parts.


With iMovie, you can easily turn Short home into favorite films. You will burst your sides with laughter when you watch them, or you may be touched to tears and love them no matter how many times you have watched them. Furthermore, you are more willing to share videos with people. IMovie has new function now which will bring you more fun. With iMovie ’11, you can make your own trailer for the film that you shoot. There are 15 kinds of movie trailers templates to choose from, ranging from epic adventure, drama, romantic comedy, and more types. Well, your film may have the Hollywood style if you make good use of iMovie. It is fair simple to make the movie trailer. Simple click on your video clips and put it in the storyboard, add character names and personalized theme, and then get the iMovie to work for you. It will clip video clips, add transition effects, themes and special effects. A wonderful trailer then will be finished.


Attention, please. iMovie accepts file formats as follows: DV, DV Widescreen, HDV 1080i, HDV 720p, MPEG4 simple profile, iSight and QuickTime files like MOV or MPEG-4 with H.264 as video codec Therefore, if you want to edit your downloaded SWF videos on iMovie, you then have to convert SWF to iMovie supported format said above. To make this easier, you might as well try SWF to iMovie Converter for Mac which specializes in converting SWF to iMovie format. Actually, it is an all-in-one tool that converts not only SWF to iMovie format but also .swf to .MKV, SWF to AVI, SWF to WMV, SWF to FLV, SWF to MPG, SWF to 3GP, SWF to Gif Mac etc.

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May 9 2013 5 09 /05 /May /2013 10:55

Have you met the problem that cannot playback downloaded vivid SWF videos on your Media Player Classic? Many people may suffer the problem since SWF format is widely used on the video sharing sites like Yahoo Video, Google Video, YouTube, etc. So, easily the downloaded videos can happen to be in the SWF format. If we are the “lucky” one to download SWF files, how can we smoothly playback them on Media Player Classic?


To achieve this easily, you can rely on the credible software named iOrgsoft SWF to MKV Converter. It is able to convert SWF to MKV efficiently and effectively with amazing output quality at a fast speed. How fast? Just within a few mouse clicks. Is it fast enough for you? Well, since MKV is well compatible with Media Player Classic, it is a good idea to convert SWF to MKV.


Actually, the SWF to MKV Converter can not only transfer SWF to MKV but also convert SWF to AVI Mac, SWF to MOV, SWF to VOB, SWF to RMVB, etc. Yes, you got me right. It is able to convert SWF to many common video formats on Mac. So, if you tend to upload SWF videos to your Facebook, you might as well use it to convert SWF to FLV Mac. Furthermore, it does well in extracting audio from SWF video and can save the output audio files in AAC, AC3, AMR, M4A, MP3, MP2, AIFF, FLAC, RA, etc.


What’s more, if you want to import SWF videos to popular editing software like Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Quicktime, iTunes, etc for further editing before playback them on other devices, you can use the software to convert it to proper formats before you input them to the editing software.


Besides, SWF to MKV Converter allows you to make your personalized videos with its built-in editing and setting functions. You can crop videos, alter the video dimension, add copyright, logo image as watermark. Or you can adjust the video parameters like resolution, frame rate, encoder, bi rate etc.


With such powerful software, you don’t have to worry too much about how to play your downloaded SWF videos on other devices anymore.


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