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May 22 2013 4 22 /05 /May /2013 13:45

IPhone 5 has been listed in the market for 8 months and during this period many accessories have emerged which can enhance the user experience and make the phone more useful and easier to use. Now let’s have a look at them.


1. Fuel

It is the smallest charger for smartphone in the world which use microcells technology to enable the battery life to be extended 20 to 30 minutes. By the way, it costs 24.99 dollars.

十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


2. Lightning data line

Lightning data line of Ventev is able to access to any connector of Apple devices. The reason why it is thought brilliant is this kind of data line won’t entangle itself. In addition, it offers a variety of color, which makes it easy to distinguish. It costs 25 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


3. Matrix Audio Qube

Matrix Audio Qube is one of the small size speakers with loudest voice. Its aluminum frame perfectly matches the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, it is very durable. It costs you 49.99 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


4. Lapka environmental sensors

Lapka environmental sensors, combined with iPhone 5, allow you to measure, collect and analysis the implied quality of the item around you. For example, you can take one of these sensors to test the degree of organic of an apple. Well, it costs more expensive than the above items, 200 dollars around.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


5. iOsoft Video Converter

iOsoft Video Converter is able to convert among almost all kinds of common video formats, even the latest XAVC format developed by Sony.



Since iPhone 5 cannot playback a large scale of video format, the app can make up for this. You can convert XAVC to MP4 which is best supported by iPhone 5 with the app. And before you import converted XAVC videos to iPhone 5, you can also use the app to help edit XAVC in iMovie after proper conversion. Or if you use Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker as your editing software, you don’t have to worry about too much because the app can also convert XAVC to Sony Vegas or transform XAVC to Windows Movie Maker thanks to its ability to convert XAVC to many popular video formats. It costs only 35 dollars that you can enjoy large scale of videos in various formats on iPhone 5.


6. Spigen Slim Armor phone sets

Most of the time the iPhone set can only give you ponderous feeling or it is just unable to protect your mobile phone. But Spigen Slim Armor phone sets are so impressive. This kind of phone sets feels little weight but it can provide amazing protection for your iPhone. It costs 24.99 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件

7. Vamp

Vamp is an UK project supported by Kickstarter. It is able to turn your old speakers into wireless speaker for iPhone, making it a new lease on life. And it costs around 70 dollars.

十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


8. Mophie charging sets

Have you suffered the dilemma that you ran out of battery power but cannot find somewhere to charge? If you had, you’d better buy the Mophoie charging sets. Both Juicepack Air and Helium charging sets can extend the phone’s battery life to a few hours. Helium is a little bit cheaper than Juicepack. Helium: 79.95 dollars; Juicepack: 99.95 dollars.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


9. Tylt charger

Tylt’s ribbon pattern car charger can charge for two devices at the same time without knotting. In addition, the product looks so cool with various colors for options with the price 29.99 dollars for each.


十大让iPhone 5焕然一新的独特配件


Above are some helpful accessories for iPhone 5. Which one would you like? All of them? Watch out your wallet!


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