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August 22 2012 4 22 /08 /August /2012 09:55

iPhone 5 is coming! We are all excited at the news. Even though it may cannot satisfying everyone, Apple’s sure to sell millions of the phone over the days, weeks and months following its release.


Many of the sales , of course, will get the existing iPhone users to be excited and want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, leaving behind lots of old handsets. Of course, some of the phones will come to the second-hand market; while quite a lot will end their life in the garbage, adding to the estimated 350 million electronic items tossed out each year in the United States, according to DoSomething.org.



“Most of the time when it’s done and the battery wears out, they just throw it in the trash, and that’s a really bad thing to do,”


Kyle Wiens of iFixit, who has gone through more than his share of electronics, has seen it all before, says.

If the rumors of a new dock connector are true, it won’t be just iPhones that end up on the trash heap this time around, for we will not be able to plug our shiny new phones into our old accessories anymore.


“I think it brings to light some of the concerns about our society and the way we consume things,” Wiens says. “The moment it happens, you’re going to have millions of pounds, probably hundreds of millions of pounds, of accessories that were made for the iPhone…where all of a sudden they’re obsolete. Apple not providing a backwards-compatible plan is certainly a concern.”


It is not certain that Apple’s new adapter will fit the old frame of that two-or three-year-old stereo. And just like iPhones, those shouldn’t be tossed in the trash, either.


“One thing I caution people to realize is that if you have an iPhone case that has a battery in it or an alarm clock, that’s all e-waste, and there are a lot of toxic chemicals inside all those accessories, so you can’t just throw them in the trash or put them in a normal recycle bin,” adds Wiens. “You have to recycle them responsibly.”


And whether it’s heading over to our local Apple Store to recycle or forking over a few extra bucks for an adapter, ultimately the burden falls on us. “Consumers are the ones left holding the bag. They’ve got all this toxic e-waste left over from the previous generation and they’ve got to go buy all new accessories,” concludes Wiens.


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