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April 18 2013 5 18 /04 /April /2013 09:10

In the professional recording studio market, Sony often plays the role of a facilitator. This time when brings out the new 4K2K system, Sony has taken the lead to launch XAVC video format which be supported by two CineAlta cameras including Sony PMWF-55 and Sony PMW-F5. Currently, there are about 14 manufactures which have joined it. Adobes, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro 12, Matrox etc are involved.


The rate of XAVC is 120 dpi box DPS. Basically, it can correspond to many image formats like MPEG-4 AVC/H264 level 5.2. The existing HD 1080 50p/60p can also be converted to 4K. XAVC supports the following formats as well:


a. Resolution: 4K2K (4096×2160 and 3840×2160) with the existing HD format

b. Compression: MPEG-4 AVC and H.264

c. 12,10 and 8-bit color range

d. MXF format

e. Accept 4:4:4,4:2:2,4:2:0 etc color sampling


The XAVC format developed by Sony will allow 4K2K to be stronger in the development of professional and consumer markets. In the future, the TV programs, documentaries, MV or commercials which are marked XAVC not only represent the resolution of 4K2K, but also on behalf of the high audio and video quality of Sony.


However, such an excellent file format is not easy or even impossible to be uploaded on websites like YouTube, Yahoo video, Vimeo etc. To make up for this shortcoming, we get XAVC Video Converter for help. With it, you can convert XAVC to FLV which is widely used on video sharing website. If you want to edit XAVC videos in Final Cut Pro 7, you don’t have to pay for update your FCP 7 to make XAVC fit it because you can use the converting tool to convert XAVC to Final Cut Pro 7, which is cheaper and effective.


Since it is all-in-one software, you can free convert XAVC to other common video formats for further entertainment via the software. You can convert XAVC files to MOV for QuickTime, XAVC to .mp4 for iPhone 5 or iPad mini etc. It seems it is omnipotent. You should download it to have a try. The following steps may be helpful to you.


Step1. Load XAVC files

To begin with, you should load XAVC footage to the software. By hitting the button “Add Files”, you can finish this step easily. You are allowed to load multiple files to the software at one time since the batch conversion function is supported. 


Step2. Select output format

Clicking the video format icon next to the loaded files, a list of output formats will pop up. And you should choose proper one as output format. After that, turn to the “Save to” option to pick an output path to save your converted files. 


Step3. Begin convert XAVC files

After all settings are ready, hit the start converting icon to start converting XAVC to proper formats. How long it will take you to finish the job depends on your video’s length.

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April 17 2013 4 17 /04 /April /2013 09:35

Interest or hobby is a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something. You must have some interests. But are you interested in something for a long period; let’s say, from your childhood till now? Well, in fact, with the age getting older and older and the development of society, people’s interests will have some change.


Speaking from age, when I was a child, I was interested in drawing, singing and dancing. When I was a college student, I was interested in literature and art. Speaking from era, different material and cultural conditions have different extent influence on people’s interests. Long long ago, I was just interested in taking photos with phones; however, when with the technology developed so fast, I am interested in recording with camcorder now. I am a big fan of camcorder recording now. I have bought several camcorders. Recently, I also become the keeper of Sony PMW-F5 camcorder. It is really an amazing one with an 8.9MP Super 35mm image sensor. To make me excited, it is able to capture 2K and HD resolution video and with the AXS-R5 external recorder, it is capable of capturing 4K and 2K files in 16bits linear RAW.


Wow, can you understand why I love it so much now? But one thing that frustrates me a little bit is the XAVC format recorded in Sony PMW-F5. Newly developed by Sony, this format is amazing but it is too amazing for the Mac media player to play. It is not a favorable format to common Mac media players including QuickTime, iTunes etc. Luckily, I got an effective way to fix the problem. The effective way is to convert XAVC videos on Mac. If you want to play XAVC on QuickTime, you can try to convert XAVC to Prores MOV. To manage the job, you just need a reliable converting software-XAVC Converter for Mac.


It is professional converting software that is able to convert XAVC to MOV for playback on Mac easily. With it, you can convert it to almost all key video formats. You can convert XAVC to MP4, XAVC to MKV, XAVC to AVI etc. Isn’t it a worthwhile-try software? If you are used to watch videos on phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc, you cannot miss the tool. It supports transfer XAVC to different devices.


Below are the steps shown you how it looks and how it works:


Step1. Load XAVC files


Installing and running the program, you then need to load XAVC files that you want. By hitting the button “Add Files”, you are allowed to add as many files as you like at one time since it has no problem on batch conversion. 


Step2. Select output format


By hitting the video format icon next to the imported files, you can see a format list pop up. And then you have to select a proper output format for each imported files. It all the imported files are going to be converted to the same format, you can just click the “Apply all” then when you choose one output format for one file, the others will automatically choose the same one. After that, you can change the output path at the option “Save to”.


Step3. Convert XAVC videos

When you are ready to convert XAVC video on Mac, you just need to click the convert icon to start the conversion.

Tip: if you want to edit your videos before conversion start, you can use the basic editing functions built in the tool for help. “Trim”, “Split”, “Edit”, “Settings” are available to you.

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April 16 2013 3 16 /04 /April /2013 10:46

In what way do you record your daily life? Keeping diaries? Taking photos by mobile phones or using Polaroid?Well, if you are a shutterbug, you must like to use camcorder to record your life. By using camcorder to keep memories, you can feel the feeling in the past more easily and emotional with vivid sound and image. It just feels like you were back in the past at that scene again. Isn’t it a live diary? Want to give up your paper diary and try the talking camcorder?


Well, if you are still looking for a professional camcorder, why not consider Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera? Featuring on an 8.9MP Super 35mm CMOS image sensor and electronic global shutter which totally prevents from motion skew and other rolling shutter distortions, it is competent to record 4K, 2K and HD resolution video in XAVC format that is newly developed by Sony through the camera’s internal recorder.


Well, you may be probably not so familiar with XAVC video format which is introduced by Sony on 30th October, 2012. Supporting 4096 × 2160 and 3840 × 2160 at up to 60 fps, XAVC facilitates 8-bits, 10-bits, and 12-bits color depths. Well, obviously, XAVC is among the most advanced formats. And the Sony PMW-F55 is able to record XAVC with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second at 300Mbit/s while record 2K at 30 fps at 100Mbit/s.


However, although XAVC is the most advanced format, it seems to be the least favorable to your Mac and many other devices. So, if you want to enable your XAVC format playable on other players and devices like iPod, iPhone 4S etc, you’d better convert it to other friendly formats like MP4. To make this easier, you just need a professional XAVC Converter Mac (or XAVC Converter for Windows) to convert XAVC Converter on Mac.


With this app, you are able to convert XAVC to MP4 on Mac easily and effectively with original video quality remained. In fact, it is an all-in-one application that supports convert XAVC to a variety of formats like MOV, M4V, MP4, WebM, AVI, WMV, MPG etc as well as transfers XAVC to different devices such as Apple TV 3/2/1, iPhone 5/4S/4, iPad 4/mini/2, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3 etc. using it, you can effortlessly import XAVC to Mac applications like iMoive, FCP, QuickTime etc. How powerful it is! With it, you can make up your mind to buy Sony PMW-F55 immediately.


Step1. Add XAVC files


To begin with, you have to add XAVC files by hitting the button “Add Files”. you are able to add a bunch of files at a time since batch conversion is supported. 


Step2. Choose proper output format Clicking the video format icon next to the imported video, you can select proper output format. After that, you can turn to the “Save to” option to choose a folder to save your converted files. 


Step3. Convert When you think it is fine with all default settings, you can just press the convert icon to start converting XAVC to the target formats.


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April 15 2013 2 15 /04 /April /2013 09:40

Have you given advice to your friends what kinds of present they should buy for their friends or families? Or have you been the one asked for advice when you need to buy a present? Different people have different points of view when giving a present. Some people think the value of the present itself is more important while some think highly of the affection the present brings. No matter you support the former or the latter; you must agree one point that it is difficult to pick a present. Sometimes it is really a headache to pick a present for someone because when we give a present, we should think about many factors, such as customs, age, purpose, preference, budget etc.


To pick a meaningful present is not as easy as 123. Recently, I’ve seen a net friend leave a message reading “I am going to my son’s graduate ceremony, and I think I should buy him a meaningful present, but I still don’t know what to buy, any good ideas? I want leave a good memory to him.” I can see some relies suggested car, flowers, money, and smartphone, etc. For me, I regard a camcorder as a suitable present. Why a camcorder is a meaningful present? Because it is the best tool for keeping beautiful and meaningful memories. Except for the graduate ceremony, he can use it to record the interesting traveling or his first proposal to his girl friend etc in the future. Isn’t it a meaningful and useful present from a dad to a son?


As camcorder, I strongly recommend you Panasonic HC-X900 which features on 3 x 1/4.1in CMOS with 3.05Mpixels and 1080/50p AVCHD 2.0 format at up to 29 Mbits/sec. It records videos in MTS format. However, unfortunately, MTS is not playable on many devices or applications such as iPhone, iPad etc, you need to find a MTS Converter for Mac to convert MTS to MP4 first before you can playback MTS files on your iPhone. Or, if you want to import MTS to iMovie for further editing, sorry, you need some extra help from the tool too.


MTS Converter for Mac is an easy-used friendly converting tool that allows converts AVCHD, MTS files from camcorder like Canon, Sony, Panasonic etc to iMovie, FCP etc on Mac. It also supports convert MTS to common formats like WMV, MOV, MP4, MKV, etc on Mac. So, if you want to import MTS to iMovie, you canconvert MTS to AVI or convert MTS to MPG which are compatible with iMovie. You will find the tool brings you a great convenience.


Step1. Load MTS files


To begin with, you have to load MTS files that you need to convert to iMovie. You might well add a bunch of files at a time since batches operate is allowed in the tool. 


Step2. Set output format


Click the video format icon next to the imported files and then you can choose the proper format as target output format. Or you can come to the “Convert to” option to finish the step. After that ,you have to save converted files by choose a folder. 


Step3. Conversion start


At last, you can click the convert icon to start conversion process. After finishing converting, you can import MTS to iMovie for further editing.


More related article:

MTS to MP4 Converter

  MTS Converter for Mac

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April 12 2013 6 12 /04 /April /2013 08:40

“I am planning to my first trip to Europe in my life, it is independent travel. I am a little nervous. What preparation should I get?”


What necessary things should you bring when you are going for a trip? Let’s see.


a. Enough money

b. Identity card, marriage certificate, employee’s card

c. The compass, maps

d. Pharmaceutical

e. Raincoat/umbrella

f. Knapsack, sleeping bags

g. Articles of everyday use


Anything else? Yes, of course. A professional camcorder! Some experienced travelers may say.


“With camcorder, we are able to record the interesting things and moments we met during the travelling. Every trip for me is very precious. I don’t want to lose the memory. A camcorder can help to keep those beautiful memory.” A travel-lover said.


It seems it is necessary to bring a camcorder with you when you are travelling. If you are planning to travel and still lack a camcorder, you’d better buy one soon before you set off. To save you time for choosing, we recommend you the Panasonic HC-X900.


Key features of Panasonic HC-X900:

1080/50p AVCHD 2.0 format (28Mbits/sec);

3 x 1/4.1in CMOS with 3.05Mpixels;

Single SDXC card slot;

3D shooting (optional);


However good it is, you should know that if you want to import AVCHD to iMovie for further use, you need converting tool to help because AVCHD format is incompatible with most editing software on Mac. To achieve this easier, you can count on AVCHD Video Converter for Mac. It is a professional tool that supportsconvert AVCHD to MOV for importing to iMovie. In fact, it is able to convert AVCHD to most popular formats like AVI, WMV, RM/RMVB, SWF etc.


Or if you want to play AVCHD on iPhone or other MP4 enabled devices? This tool can convert AVCHD to MP4 for smooth playback on iPhone.


Probably you would like to upload AVCHD Lite to YouTube for better sharing with your friends after you are back from travelling. At this moment, AVCHD Video Converter for Mac can also provides great help for you.


Now, go ahead reading to find how to use the tool.


Step1. Import AVCHD files To start with, you have to load AVCHD files that you want to convert to by hitting the button “Add Files”. You are able to add more than one file at a time since the tool supports bath conversion. 


Step2. Set output format and save files Click the “Convert to” drop-down list where you can choose output format. If you want to upload AVCHD to YouTube, you should choose "Common Video" -> "FLV(*flv)" or "Web share" -> "YouTube MP4(*mp4)" or "YouTube WebM(*webm)" as your output format. And then choose a output path to save your converted files. 


Step3. Convert AVCHD to YouTube Click the convert icon to start the conversion from AVCHD to YouTube. After conversion, you can directly upload converted files to YouTube. 

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April 11 2013 5 11 /04 /April /2013 09:44

Nowadays, in order to be a successful person in the society, people are joining different kinds of training class, training camp or lecture presentation by successful people. They want to make themselves better persons through such training formats.


As I know, many administrative personnel are eager to take part in those training. They want to make themselves stronger in giving speech and handling public relations. In fact, it seems the saying “Silence is gold” is not exactly true now. There is a new saying that a success person must stand up and speak effectively. That means those who keep silence can only suffer failure. No wonder administrative personnel join various training courses with great enthusiasm.


Anyway, how can we train ourselves to become more smart and decent when we need to deal with public relations? There is a new way to train without taking any expensive training program. It is camera training. Set the camcorder at home, and then give speeches by yourself pretending the audience is in front of you. After finishing speaking, you can watch your performance recorded by the camcorder. You can see clearly how your voice and tone sounds; how your face looks as well as your body language. The day when you see yourself perform like a success man in the video, you make it.


By doing such training at home, of course you need a camcorder first. If you are interested in such training way and lack a camcorder, Panasonic AG-HPX600 that records AVCHD video may be a good choice for you.


However, there is a problem. It is difficult or even possible to have AVCHD camcorder video directly playback on your other portable device. So, if you want to playback recorded AVCHD files to study your performance, you have to convert AVCHD to other formats accepted by your portable devices. For example, if you want to playback on your iPhone or other MP4 enabled players, you need to convert AVCHD to MP4 first.


To finish this job easily, you need AVCHD Converter for help. It is a professional converting tool capable of converting AVCHD to almost all key video formats. So, if you want to play AVCHD on Windows Media Player, you can convert AVCHD to AVI.


It is a simple but powerful converting tool; you might as well try it when you try camera training. The below steps can help you better use the tool.


Step1. Load files


After you install the conversion, you should add files first. To add files, you can hit “Add Files” button. You are supported to add a bunch of files at a time since the tool supports batch conversion. 


Step2. Choose an output format


After finishing loading files, you have to click the video format icon to select output format. For example, if you convert AVCHD to AVI, you should pick AVI as output format. If all your imported files share the same output format, you can click “Apple to all”, and then when you choose one output format at one imported file, the others will be automatically chosen the same one. After that, you should pick a folder to save your converted files at the “Save to” option. 


Step3. Start conversion Some basic editing functions are embedded in the tool; you can edit your videos before start converting. If there is no need, you can just press the convert button to begin the conversion.

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April 10 2013 4 10 /04 /April /2013 12:59

Are you a big fan of camcorder shooting? If you are, I guess you cannot miss the Canon C500 camcorder. Professional as it is, it is able to record 4096*2160 pixels super high resolution videos. Compared to his brother C300, its 4K and QHD motion video capture is the big improvement of that of C300.


Specific features of Canon C500 are:


4096*2160 pixels


Type of sesor: CMOS


Sensor size: 26.2*13.8mm


Alternative resolution: RAW:4096×2160,3840×2160 HRAW:4096×1080,3840×1080


Sensitivity: ISO320-20000 Camera Mode: RAW/HRAW* (4K)


It is a super cool camcorder, isn’t it? With it, I think you will be more eager to record your daily life or everything interesting. However, when you want to import Canon C500 MXF to FCP for further editing, you will lose your enthusiasm a little bit for C500 videos are in MXF format which is not editable in FCP. How about editing in iMoive? No. if you think you can import Canon MXF to iMovie, you are wrong. MXF is not favorable to iMovie either.


Under such situation, you need the AVCHD Converter for Mac. It is a powerful converter that easily converts MXF files to MOV, MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV, DV etc. furthermore, it is capable of import MXF to software like iMovie, FCP, Adobe Premiere etc. By the way, the windows version can convert MXF to Windows Live Movie Maker, to Sony Vegas, Windows Media Player etc.


It also allows us to put MXF files to Apple TV, iPod, iPhone etc. How convenient it is! Maybe you should go ahead to find how to use it simply.


Step1. Load files


First of all, you have to load Canon C500 MXF files by hitting the button “Add Files”. To bring you convenience, it supports batch conversion so that you can add more than one file at one time.


Step2. Pick an output format for FCP or other software


You can find some output format from the video format icon. Choose a suitable one as output format. And then choose an output path to safely save your converted files. 


Step3. Convert Canon C500 MXF to FCP


Finally, you can happily hit the convert button to start the conversion. After conversion, you can import the converted files to FCP for further editing.


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April 9 2013 3 09 /04 /April /2013 10:59

Apple TV 3 is the 3rd generation of Apple TV family by Apple Inc. since the Apple TV supported AirPlay, family products developed by Apple Inc are getting the public recognition gradually. Through Airplay, users are able to enjoy videos or images or audio saved in iPad, iPhone, or iPod on their flat-screen television with the help of Apple TV 3. As an upgrade product, Apple TV 3 enables users to watch Full HD 1080p TV freely, which definitely gives users greater enjoyment.


If you love to browse sharing video website like YouTube, you must have saved a dozen of interesting YouTube videos. To watch them on Apple TV 3 will be the most enjoyable thing at our leisure with coffee or tea held in hand. However, without exception, as other Apple products Apple TV 3 doesn’t recognize many video formats. FLV is the widely used formats of YouTube videos, but it is one of the incompatible formats with Apple TV 3. Does it mean we have no way to play YouTube videos on Apple TV 3?


Not exactly. Where there is a will, there is a way. There is Apple TV 3, so there is Video Converter. So, if you long for play YouTube downloaded video on Apple TV 3, you just need to do one thing first: convert YouTube video to Apple TV 3.


YouTube to Apple TV 3 Converter is a professional application to help you finish the conversion job without complicated process. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily and free convert almost all popular video/audio files. For instance, it is possible for you to convert YouTube to MOV, MKV to AVI etc. furthermore, it is competent to transfer video to different devices like iPod, iPad, HTC Titan, Nook Tablet etc. so, if you are an iPhone 5 keeper, you can also convert YouTube videos to iPhone 5.


Want to import popular videos to various video editing applications like Windows DVD maker? No problem. This powerful converter can do it for you too. Besides, it owns rich and effective editing functions like cropping, trimming etc. You can think about make your own video by employing those functions.


Step1. Import YouTube videos to Video Converter First of all, you should load your YouTube downloaded videos to the program by clicking the button “Add Files”. You are allowed to import more than one file at a time since batch conversion is available. 


Step2. Select proper output format and output path To select a proper output format, you can come to the video format icon. Select Apple TV 3 (*.mp4) from Apple Device as output format. And then come to the “Save to” option to choose a folder as output path. 


Step3. Start converting YouTube video to Apple TV 3 Finally, you can start conversion from YouTube video to Apple TV 3 by hitting the start icon. after the conversion is done, you are ready to enjoy your YouTube video on your Apple TV 3.

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April 8 2013 2 08 /04 /April /2013 10:52

Walking into the coffee shop or Mcdonald’s, or getting on the bus or train, it is easy to see that many people hold iPads for reading, for videos, for e-mailing, or something else. In the soap opera, businessmen don’t use paper files when they have meetings, instead, they use iPad. And it is said that there is a tendency that iPad is going to be used in the teaching which may allows students say goodbye to their heavy bags. Obviously, iPad family is getting deep to people’s life.


IPad has gone much further than we thought. However, as far as I am concerned, iPad devotes itself more to entertainment. Taking the cue from other products of Apple Inc, iPad have excellent entertainment function. In particular, its video playback function cannot be ignored. It takes the lead of video playback function. It is really an amazing experience playing HD videos on iPad with the reina display of 2,048 × 1,536 pixels at 264 ppi. However, it is a great pity that Apple Inc has strict limits on video format, which means you cannot playback any video as you want to.


Therefore, it requires converting incompatible video formats to iPad readable video format like MP4 and H.264 format before you put them to your iPad. As we know, MKV is not a friendly format to iPad but MKV is one of the popular video formats. So, to make MKV fit to iPad, we can convert MKV to iPad first. Among diverse converting tool, the MKV to iPad Mac Converter can be a more reliable one.


It is an easy-to-use converter to help you finish conversion from MKV to iPad within a few mouse clicks. As a professional converting program, it maintain three key functions:


a. Convert popular video files to iPad readable formats. MP4 is the friendliest format to iPad, so you can consider convert MKV to MP4. Besides, it is excellent enough to convert HD video like AVCHD, MTS, MOD, MOV HD etc. to iPad.


b. Extract audio from common videos and save them as MP3, WAV, M4A format


c. Provide versatile video editing functions like video clip, video crop, video effect, video merge, image snapshot etc.


It is a smart converter as well as editor. It features on simple interface but powerful function. You cannot miss it. Just have a try and you will find it get along well with your iPad.


Step1. Load MKV files Click the button “Add Files” then you can freely import MKV videos to the converting program or you can just drag and drop it to the program. By the way, you can just as more than one file at a time since batch conversion is supported.


Step2. Choose output format After importing files to the program, the video format icon will turn up next to the file. Click the icon and then choose a suitable output format. Or you can hit the “Convert to” option to choose the output format. And then hit “Save to” to choose an output path to save the converted files.




Step3. Convert files If you don’t need to do more editing and settings work, you can just begin converting process by hitting the big convert button. A bar will show you the status of conversion. After it finishing running, you can get your converted videos and play it on your iPad.


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April 7 2013 1 07 /04 /April /2013 09:07

For honeymoon, the protagonist is not only the couple, but also a professional video camcorder. Honeymoon can be the most important journey in one’s life because in everyone’s heart, he has only one marriage and one true love in his whole life. So, it is necessary to record the only-once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon process. To record it just by quiet pictures is not impressive. To record it by vivid videos is perfect. Therefore, Canon C100 camcorder can be a good choice for you.


In fact, Canon C100 is an intriguing camcorder for anyone taking an interest in shooting video. As the little brother of Canon C300, it is built in 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor which has just 8 million effective pixels called superpixels. The smaller pixel enables to produce a much more accurate color image and to reduce noises. It records Full HD at 24Mbps to SDHC/SDXC cards using an AVCHD codec.


C100 is a very serious opponent to other alternatives. However, like many AVCHD camcorder, Canon C100 has the same weakness, that is Canon C100 AVCHD files is not editable in FCP on Mac directly. So, if you want to edit the 1080p AVCHD files recorded by Canon C100, you should convert Canon C100 1080p AVCHD to FCP first. AVCHD Converter for Mac can assist you to do a smooth conversion job from AVCHD to formats that are workable on FCP on Mac. In fact, it manages to convert AVCHD to iMovie, MTS to MOV, AVCHD to AVI, MTS to MP4 etc.


As a professional converting tool, AVCHD Converter for Mac supports all AVCHD camcorder and allows us to edit AVCHD files on Mac by using the functions like clipping, applying effect, setting output parameter etc. what’s more, if you want to import AVCHD MTS to some portable devices like Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, etc. you cannot refuse the help of AVCHD Converter for Mac.


It is really worth to try the AVCHD Converter for Mac. You’d better take a few seconds to see how to simple the operation could be and how effective the output is.


Step1. Add AVCHD/MTS files After running the program, the first thing to do is to add files that you want to convert. By hitting the button “Add Files”, you can do this. Or you can drag and drop several files to the program at one time because batch conversion is supported. 


Step2. Select a suitable output format and set output path According to the formats that accepted by your devices, choose a suitable output format. If you want to convert MTS to MP4, choose “Final Cut Pro>H.264 (*.mp4)” as the output format. And then change the default output path if necessary. 


Step3. Convert Canon C100 AVCHD to FCP Finally, you can start the Canon C100 AVCHD to FCP conversion by hitting the start icon. When the conversion is completed, you are able to edit your AVCHD files with FCP on Mac.

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