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April 3 2013 4 03 /04 /April /2013 09:16

One of my friends is a totally iPhone enthusiast. She’s followed the iPhone family’s growth stage with great passion. As soon as the new generation of iPhone family came out, she immediately went for it. I think she’s crazy. But she said it is too difficult to dislike an iPhone. She told me that the most important reason that she loves iPhone is the Retina display. Once she sees the Retina display, she is never satisfied with anything less.


Well, I have to admit that the Retina display that led the super-high-resolution displays era do give a good reason to love iPhone easily. Since its pixel density is so high that you can’t distinguish individual pixels with your eyes. Everything display on iPhone looks amazingly real. Who will hate watching videos on it? I guess I can understand my crazy friend now.


However, with such a stunning Retina display, iPhone still have some problems. The only thing that makes my crazy friend upset about her iPhone 5 now is she can’t play FLV on it. When she downloaded some FLV videos and want to import them to her iPhone 5, she had to convert them to other recognizable format. But many times, the output quality is damaged a lot. She’s quite angry with those converting tool she used.


She’s getting excited recently since I recommended the Video Converter for Mac to her. It is a more professional and reliable converting software to convert FLV to iPhone 5 on Mac. It is not only able to convert between almost all popular video/audio files but also competent in transferring video to various devices like Apple TV, iPhone 5, iPod, iPad etc with absolutely high output quality at a rather fast speed.


Since FLV is getting more and more common among the Blog, Web, Facebook, Myspace etc, it is so convenient to have such a credible converting tool if you are an iPhone 5 keeper. Most of the YouTube videos are FLV files, so, if you want to transfer YouTube FLV to iPhone 5 for entertainment, you’d better not miss the FLV to iPhone 5 converter. (For windows users, please refer Video Converter).


How about the edit function? Yes, it is provides rich and powerful video editing functions like crop, trim, split, apply effect etc. You may have more fun with these functions.


Let’s immediately learn how to use this software.



Step1. Add files After running the software, click “Add files” to load files that you are going to convert. If you are a Mac user, you can directly drag and drop the files to the program. Thanks to the batch conversion, you can add a batch of files once.


Step2. Select output format By hitting the video format icon, you can select a proper output format. If you want to convert AVI to iPhone 5, you should choose “Apple Device>iPhone 5 (*.mp4)” as output format.


Tip: you can do some editing and settings to your video too. It is optional to you. Video trimming, cropping , applying effect etc. are available to you to create your own video. For more details, you can refer to users guide.

Step3. Convert To begin the conversion, you can just easily click the convert icon. How long it will take you to complete the conversion depends on how large your file is and how many you need to convert. 


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April 2 2013 3 02 /04 /April /2013 12:26

Apple TV 3 is a new member of Apple TV family introduced by Apple Inc. This brilliant device absolutely is making any effort to bring us much fun and enjoyment at our leisure. It enables us to see and hear movies, TV shows, music, photos, and sports. As an upgrade from Apple TV and Apple TV 2, it allows us to watch Full HD 1080p TV freely, which glut our eyes so much. Without any doubt, it is worthwhile device to have for serving high-definition content to your flat-screen television.


However, it is not a perfect device though it is stunning. Not any file format can be compatible with it. Due to the limited file format compatibility, it fails to playback downloaded AVI videos on our HDTV through Apple TV 3. So, what can we do with this situation since AVI is a popular video format? We hardly avoid downloading AVI videos.


Maybe you will be excited if I introduce the AVI to Apple TV 3 Converter to you. To enjoy AVI videos via Apple TV 3, you just need to use the AVI to Apple TV 3 converter to convert AVI to Apple TV 3 supported format. This converter is a more powerful one than you can expect. It is capable of converting video between almost any formats like HD Video, AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MXF, TOD, MOD, AVI, MOV, VOB, MPEG-1, 2, 4, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, RM, RMVB, ASF etc.


Besides, it has no problem on transferring video to versatile devices. It supports import MKV to Apple TV 3, or AVI to iPod, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, New iPad, Blackberry, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, HTC One X/S/V, HTC Titan etc. Furthermore, the clever software are armed with rich and powerful video editing functions such as cropping, trimming, splitting, applying effect etc. You can customize the videos in your own little universe.


What a powerful converting application it is! Apple TV 3 and AVI to Apple TV 3 converter should join hands to overcome the challenge together. I think the win-win co-operation of them can provide us more convenience and happiness.


Let’s see how to get the effective application work with a few simple clicks.


Step1. Import files After running the software, add AVI files to Apple TV 3 Converter by hitting the button “Add Files”. You can add a batch of files that need converting to Apple TV 3 at a time because of the built-in batch conversion function. 


Step2. Set appropriate output format and output path Hitting the video format icon, you can select appropriate as output format. For instance, if you want a conversion from MKV to Apple TV 3, you can come to the “Apple Device>Apple TV 3(*.mp4)”. And then, you can change the default output path as you like at the “Save to” option. 


Step3. Convert videos to Apple TV 3 If there is no more editing work, you can simply press the start icon to get the converting begin. After the conversion, you can play the output files on your Apple TV 3 by transferring the output files to the iTunes.

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April 1 2013 2 01 /04 /April /2013 10:59

A few days ago, a cousin of mine who is in college told me that she was in a filming contest. She’s getting her entry prepared. However, she failed to edit her AVCHD videos recorded by her Sony FS100 camcorder on FCP on Mac. She has to ask me to do her a favor.


I guess many Sony FS100 camcorder owners suffer the similar situation that fails to imput your Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP for editing on Mac application. It really could be very annoyed and disappointed. In fact, it is not a fresh topic that 1080 60p/50p AVCHD videos have some conflict with FCP. In this case, we cannot directly import AVCHD videos to FCP for editing on Mac. We need a conversion process to make FCP keep peace with each other. But not any converting application can be a competent one to solve the problem between them. I guess the most outstanding one must be AVCHD Converter for Mac.


AVCHD Converter for Mac can handle this situation very well. It is a professional converting application to convert AVCHD videos to FCP on Mac. It supports batch convert AVCHD, MXF video to MP4, H.264, MPEG-4, M4V, MOV, DV, MPEG-2, FLV etc with complete output quality at a fast speed. Of course, if you want to make MTS files editable for FCP too, you can convert MTS to MOV to meet your need. Or if you prefer to extract audio form AVCHD files on Mac, you can also rely on this smart tool.


Those users who need to import AVCHD to iMovie for editing on Mac also can count on this clever tool. Isn’t it an all-in-one converting tool? I guess we have no reason to say no.


If you want to import AVCHD MTS, MXF files to iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Galaxy S3 etc, this converting tool won’t reject you since it supports transfer AVCHD files to portable devices like those mentioned above.


What you pursue may be not just a simple conversion but a more creative result. If that’s the case to you, it come you the first choice to use AVCHD Video Converter to make a more creative and attractive video for you. It allow you to edit AVCHD files by using functions like clipping, cropping, merging, applying effect, setting output parameter etc. if you are a DIY fan, you can’t miss this.


Now, follow me, you can see how to finish the conversion with the help of AVCHD Video Converter for Mac.


Step1. Locate AVCHD files to the converting program After you install and run the software, you can click the “Add Files” button to locate the AVCHD files that you need to convert to FCP. if you have many saved AVCHD videos to convert, you can add them in batches. 


Step2. Choose output format and output path After importing files, you have to choose a proper output format. For example, you want to convert MTS to MP4, you can choose “Final Cut Pro> H.264 (*.mp4)” as output format. To complete the step, you can hit the video format icon. 


Step3. Further Editing Video functions such as video trimming, video splitting, video editing and effects adjusting, snapshot etc. are provided. So you can edit your AVCHD freely using those powerful functions.


Step4. Conversion begins If necessary editing and setting are done, you just need to press the start icon to start the conversion process.


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March 30 2013 7 30 /03 /March /2013 11:10

Are you an amateur photographer? Even an amateur photographer needs an excellent camcorder because an excellent camcorder can bring more fun and passion to an amateur photographer at his sparetime life. Well, have you notice Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder? It is equipped with a new 4K Exmor Super 35 CMOS sensor (Total 11.6 million pixels) capable of cranking at up to 960 frames per second. This professional camcorder is competent to record Full HD1080 50/60p MTS/M2TS files in AVCHD format. Hey, quite a good choice for those amateur photographer, right?


However, if you want to import your Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP for editing on Mac application, I am so sorry that it is AVCHD MTS is not friendly with FCP. One of my girl friends got a Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder few days ago for her joining in the camera shooting club in college. She turned to me for help when she found edit AVCHD MTS in FCP on Mac. I guess she’s not the only one who suffered this situation. So, I would like to share a good method to solve the similar problem.


iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter for Mac is an ideal choice to solve the above problem. It is especially designed for AVCHD camcorder users who plan to convert AVCHD files to FCP for editing on Mac. Since MOV is kindly compatible with FCP, I sincerely recommend you convert convert AVCHD to MOV.


Or if you prefer to use iMovie for editing, you can also convert your AVCHD to iMovie for customizing your own home movies in MOV, DV, HDV etc. with the AVCHD Converter for Mac.


It sounds AVCHD Converter for Mac is a wonderful assistant to you, doesn’t it? Ok, let’s see how to get it start to help you finish the conversion process.


Step1. Add AVCHD files After you run the AVCHD Converter for Mac, drag and drop AVCHD files that you intend to convert to FCP/iMovie. Or you can hit “Add Files” button to load them. Since batch conversion is allowable, you can drag and drop multiple files at one time. 


Step2. Select proper output format After importing files, hit the video format icon to select a proper output format. for example, if you want to edit your converted video in FCP on Mac, you can choose “Apple ProRes 422(*.mov) from “Final Cut Pro” as output format. 


Step3. Editing The AVCHD Converter for Mac provides you video functions such as video trimming, video splitting, video editing and effects adjusting, etc. You are able to edit your videos according to your preference. Furthermore, you are able to capture nice pictures from your original videos when you are previewing them by hitting the camera button. They will be saved as .jpg files. You can find them immediately by clicking the folder icon next to the camera icon.


Step4. Start converting process If you finish editing the original videos, hit the big fat orange button on the left bottom to start the converting process.

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March 29 2013 6 29 /03 /March /2013 11:32

When I was skimming through camera products on the internet, I found some users in trouble with their new-bought Sony RX100 camera.


“Can someone tell me how to import Sony RX100 AVCHD videos to FCP on Mac for editing? I recorded some beautiful moments when I was on the wedding of my best friend. And I want to send the newly married couple the editing video as present. Thank you.”


“Hello, I’ve got a Sony RX100 camera recently and I took it to my friend’s graduation ceremony. It did do a great job. We’ve recorded a lot of touched and sweet moments in high quality with it. I do want to make a special video collection by editing the saved 1080/60P AVCHD videos for a souvenir. However, it is so frustrated that FCP seems not to support Sony RX100 AVCHD. I’ve tried to convert AVCHD to FCP, but the output video is dissatisfied with sound off and on. What kind of converting tool is more reliable?”


Well, to own such an excellent camera is a beautiful thing. But we have to admit that not every digital product is perfect. But it doesn’t matter only if we have useful and helpful assistive tools.


To solve the problem that 1080/60P AVCHD videos are not compatible with Mac applications, I strongly recommend you a reliable converting tool--AVCHD Converter for Mac. .


This Sony RX100 AVCHD to FCP Converter for Mac is an easy-to-use converting tool to transform AVCHD videos to FCP on Mac with high output quality at a super fast speed. And it supports batch conversion with complete quality remained. AVCHD, MTS, MXF video can be freely converted to MP4, H.264, MPEG-4, M4V, MOV, DV, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF etc. With it, you can also transcode Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP.


If you are iPhone fans or fans of Samsung Galaxy S series, you cannot miss this converting tool because it is able to import AVCHD MTS, MXF files to devices like Apple TV, iPod, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, New iPad, Blackberry, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note etc. Besides, what have to be mentioned is the AVCHD Converter for Mac supports all AVCHD camcorder. So, you are also able to Convert Canon C100 AVCHD to FCPif you are a Cannon C100 keeper and meet the similar problem.


Almost forget to tell you that it has edit functions that allow you to make your video more special and interesting. Clipping, cropping and merging, applying effect etc. are freely chosen by you.


How to use it?


Step1. Load AVCHD files After installing the program, run it and load AVCHD files from your camcorder. For Mac users, you can directly drag and drop the files to the tool. 


Step2. Choose FCP as output format Click the video format icon and find “Final Cut Pro”, choose a suitable output format there. And then save it by choose an output path. 


Step3. Convert Sony RX10 AVCHD to FCP Converter for Mac If you don’t have further settings and editing, just press the start button to begin the conversion. It won’t take long to finish it. You can soon enjoy your converted videos freely and happily.


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March 28 2013 5 28 /03 /March /2013 13:41

As HDTV goes gradually goes into more and more family, camcorder of high definition is under its flouring period too.


To have a camcorder is good to record our daily life. We can’t go back to the past but with a camcorder, yes, we can. For couples, they can record their sweet days of having fun in the kitchen, or the touched scene of their wedding, honey moon to a romantic place, or every growth stage of their babies. For adventurer, they can record their every footprint they left all over the world, which remind them how brave they were and how amazing the world is.


It must feel so great to find some precious moment in the past. That’s the reason why we need a camcorder. And there are so many kinds of camcorders in the market. Panasonic HC-X800X900X900M is absolutely one of the best choices for us, which owns 1/4.1’’Mos Sensor x 3. It ships with 29.8mm Wide angle, bright F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lens. It can shoot Full HD 3D video with MPEG-4 MVC/H.264 codec.


However, it is difficult to edit HD videos recorded by this Panasonic HC-X800X900X900M camcorder on Mac and Windows. Talking about AVCHD, you must have heard that it is not friendly to Mac app like iMovie. That means those AVCHD videos cannot bring you back to the beautiful past in your Mac.


What can we do to solve this problem? Calm down. You can do something to fix it. What you need just a Panasonic AVCHD MTS to MOV. You can convert your AVCHD files to iMovie with this helpful and powerful app. It is an ideal converting tool able to convert AVCHD files to popular formats such as MP4, H.264, MPEG-4, M4V, DV, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF, 3GP/3G2, RM/RMVB, AVI, WMV, ASF, HD Video etc with perfect quality and faster speed. Yes, also, you can convertAVCHD MTS to MOV. It has no problem with it at all.


Maybe some elder people who loves recording with camcorder but not good at play software will shake his head and said “it is too complex to me. I am too old to learn this.” Take it easy please; it is not complicated at all. It is suitable for everyone who wants to convert their AVCHD MTS videos to iMovie supported format. If you are still worried about the operation to it, you can take a few minutes to read following steps. That would gives you more confidence when handle it.


Step1. Add AVCHD files By clicking the button “Add Files”, you can import the AVCHD files that need converting. For Mac, you can just drag and drop Panasonic HC AVCHD videos to the converter.


Step2. Select output format Choose an appropriate output format. If you are converting MTS to iMovie, you can choose your proper output format from iMovie column on the video format icon which is next to the imported video. 


Step3. Start converting AVCHD to iMovie If you don’t need to edit your video, you can directly press the large orange button to start converting process. It won’t take long before you can share your AVCHD MTS video to your friends and family.

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March 27 2013 4 27 /03 /March /2013 13:33

Everybody talks about Samsung Galaxy S4 everywhere. Different media has various opinions about the new flagship product of Samsung. Some said it is too gaudy while some admire it full of innovation. Though the evaluation to Samsung Galaxy S4 varies from media, we have to admit that it truly capture the customers attention, which can be called a success.


As far as I am concerned, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a special view on the bus, subway or train because people are used to play their phones while they are on vehicle to kill their boring moment and most of them like to watch the downloaded videos. Since Samsung Galaxy S4 owns such a amazing 5.0-inch (ppi441) 1920*1080 FULL HD Super AMOLED screen, it should be a best choice to watch videos on it. Can you imagine the scene? Just be careful or you will miss your destination for being too attracted to the screen.


However, it is a pity to know that videos in MKV format are unplayable on this phone. How to fix this problem when MKV is one of the most popular video formats? This situation must happen to many people who love to enjoy videos on phones. The young men I met on the bus suggested the other to use a converting tool when they talked about converting video to Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it is actually a good idea. But not any converting app is useful and helpful. Many could bring you disappointment.  


Video Converter can be a best choice for converting MKV videos to Samsung Galaxy S4. It is smart enough to convert any video formats. You may be so happy to know it can convert AVI videos to Samsung Galaxy S4 . Besides, it has a user-friendly interface that allows you to operate the app without complicated steps. If you are an advanced user, you may be interested in customize your imported videos by using the functions such as effecting, trimming, splitting and cropping etc. With the help of MK to Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Converter, I believe the converted MKV videos must display perfectly with complete sound and visual effects.


If you are looking for a way to convert MKV videos to Samsung Galaxy S4, please keep reading. I would be happy to show you how to use the app.


Step1. Load the files which need converting Click “Add Files” button and then you can load the files that you want to convert to Samsung Galaxy S4. Batch video conversion is supported so that you can add a few files at once. If you want to customize the videos for better enjoyment, you have the available way to do it. This Samsung Video Converter provides video functions such as video trimming, video splitting, video editing and effects adjusting, etc. for more details, you can refer to User’s guide for Video Converter for Mac 


Step2. Select a suitable output format and output path Choose output profile in the profile pull-up list or at the video format icon. You can manually input the Frame Rate or Bitrate according to your phone’s screen resolution. Don’t forget to choose the output path at the “Save to” option. 


Step3. Convert FLV to Samsung Galaxy S4 Hit “Convert” button to start converting MKV videos for Samsung Galaxy S4. That would be the nicest converting journey. It won’t take long before you can the converted files. 

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March 27 2013 4 27 /03 /March /2013 01:33

Recently, the hottest topic among friends is no longer about jobs and love relationships. It is about the long-awaited Smartphone—Samsung Galaxy S4. It is believed that everyone must be familiar with the configuration of Samsung Galaxy S4. Its amazing 5.0-inch (ppi441) 1920*1080 FULL HD Super AMOLED screen absolutely catches eyes of those who pursue better screen and better visual enjoyment.


Speaking of the phone’s impressive screen, we can’t help speaking a couple more lines. Those who have study Samsung Galaxy S4 must have known that “Adapt Display” is one of the main new functions of the phone. It is worth to be mentioned that this function adds brilliance to the Super AMOLED screen. With the help of it, aiming at achieving the best visual effect, the screen‘s chromaticity varies automatically when playing videos. In addition, though Samsung Galaxy S4 still adopts AMOLED as material of the screen, a new technology called Green PHOLED is adopted, which helps power saving.


What we have mentioned above tells us a truth, that is, watching videos on this fabulous screen can be the happiest moment at our leisure. Especially for travelers, Samsung Galaxy S4 must be the best companion with them to kill time on their way to the destination.


Nevertheless, something bad may happen to you when you want to play AVI videos on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Most of AVI videos cannot be played on the phone while few cannot be well played. Even some fans try to convert it to other available forma, they find it lost its original visual effect finally. It could be a little disappointed that AVI videos cannot play on the phone when we find many videos are in AVI formats. In this case, does it mean we lose much fun with the brilliant screen? Not really. We have means to save the situation.


AVI to Samsung Galaxy S4 Converter can be a powerful helper to you. AVI to Samsung Galaxy S4 Converter is a professional converting tool which can convert almost any type of video files to AVI format, for example, it can convert MKV to Samsung Galaxy S4at fast speed with complete visual effects. It is an easy-to-use video converter with simple operation. Even though you are a freshman, you can totally have no problem with it when converting AVI to Samsung Galaxy S4. Can’t wait to have a try? The steps below can help  you a lot.


Step1. Add AVI videos By hitting the “Add Files” button, you can load AVI videos to the converter or you can drag and drop them to the app. 


Step2. Select a suitable output format and output path Click the video output format icon and then you can choose the proper output format. or you can come to the pull-up list to choose one that is perfect for the phone. 


Step3. Convert AVI to Samsung Galaxy S4 Last but not least, start the conversion by hitting the button “Convert”. You have to wait for a second before you can get the converted video. Don’t worry. It won’t take long. It depends on how large your video is.

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October 24 2012 4 24 /10 /October /2012 18:41

Are you a Microsoft fanboy? Been waiting for the Surface Tablet and left a little disappointed when the pre-orders didn’t open in India? Well, it’s eBay to the rescue for you! Just like it happened with the iPhone 5, the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet has surfaced (pun unintended) on eBay with exorbitant pricing.

To let you know what’s out there, the listings on eBay offer two choices, the 32GB Surface RTwithout the Touch Cover for Rs. 38,490 and the Surface RT with Touch Cover (choice of Blue, Red, Pink, Black and White covers) for Rs. 48,990 for the Black version and Rs. 49,990 for all the rest. There is no 64GB version on eBay (yet), but the Surface RT does come with a microSD card slot that can gobble up a 64GB card to offer you more digital territory to let your movies and songs frolic in.


Currently, the official Microsoft Store is offering the base 32 GB model of the Surface for $499, which roughly translates to Rs. 27,500 while the Touch Cover version is pegged at $599 or Rs. 33,000. The eBay pricing is definitely much higher, but that is to be expected if you’re looking at having the Surface RT around the same time as the US counterparts. The listings are being marked as “Genuine Import from USA” with a ship date of November 2. The Surface pricing on eBay is far better than what we earlier reported for the iPhone 5, which was selling for a jaw dropping Rs. 75,000 (for the $649 16GB version).

Surface RT is Microsoft’s home-grown 10-inch tablet that will run Windows RT (the ARM version of the Windows 8 OS) and will ship with a copy of Office RT (student version) that can be upgraded to the full version for free when it is finally out.

Article Source: http://www.thinkdigit.com/Tablets/Microsoft-Surface-for-Windows-RT-available-on_11118.html

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October 23 2012 3 23 /10 /October /2012 16:53

"Is there any software to edit GoPro HD clips on Windows?  I know the clips are encoded in mpeg4 h.264 format. Seems like my usual editors do not support this format. What are some of the programs you guys are using to edit gopro hd clips with?"

To view, play and edit GoPro HD Hero MP4 video on Windows, you need a Video Player or Video Editor. And below, we will tell you how to play and edit GoPor HD Hero MP4 files on Windows.

You can download VLC Media Player, a free video player that support MP4 H.264 files or use Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements PC based to edit MP4 files. But if your have an exsiting program that doesn’t not support MP4 files, then you can have a Video Converter to convert GoPro video files to whatever format that may compatilbe with your particular editing program or devices.

Tips: If you need to edit GoPro HD Hero MP4 video on Mac, you can turn to GoPro CineFrom Studio to convert MP4 to GoPro/CineForm file format which is specially designed for editing and is compatible with most video editing program on Mac like iMovie, Final Cut Pro. Or, you can also find a Video Converter for Mac to convert GoPro HD Hero MP4 video to whatever video format you like.

Below are the simple steps to convert GoPro HD Hero MP4 videos on Windows

Step 1: Load GoPro HD Hero MP4 files

Click “Add Video” to load as many GoPro HD Hero MP4 files as you like.

Step 2: Select output format and directory

Select “Format” drop-down list to select your desired output format. And then, click the small triangle to choose a path to save your converted GoPor HD Hero videos


Step 3: Convert GoPro HD Hero .MP4 videos

Click “Convert” to convert GoPro HD Hero MP4 videos to your desired video files for importing to video editing applications, playing on devices iPhone 5, iPad 3, Kindle Fire or uploading to websites YouTube, Myspace etc.


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